How is Lowri Beck keeping its team safe during the COVID 19 outbreak? 

Lowri Beck are committed to keeping customers and staff safe throughout the COVID-19 outbreak and are committed to ensuring that we take all necessary action as a COVID-19 Secure Employer.

We have undertaken detailed risk assessments of all of our work activities and our premises and made a number of significant changes to the way in which we work. These assessments and changes to working methods have been endorsed by the senior management team after consultation with a range of employee representatives.

Key changes that we have made as a result of risk assessment include:

  • Providing training and information across our teams

  • Increasing our levels of home working

  • Using technology where possible to reduce the need for face to face meetings

  • Providing additional hand cleaning and sanitation facilities for both fixed and mobile teams

  • Modifying workplaces and working practices to maintain social distancing

  • Issuing additional PPE and face coverings

  • Providing strict work protocols to all team members working in customer businesses or households

  • Working with partner organisations to ensure that we operate to agreed rules

  • Providing continued support to those shielding or self-isolating.


Lowri Beck is proud of the changes that have been made in a short space of time to help keep colleagues and customers safe and are committed to supporting the COVID-19 Secure Employer scheme.