Q: Do I have to pay for A Criminal Record Check if successful?

The cost of the Criminal Record Check is paid for by Lowri Beck. 

Q: If I need a uniform, do I have to pay for one?

Lowri Beck will provide employees with any uniform needed, free of charge.

Q: I have an unspent conviction can I still apply to work for Lowri Beck?

Any offer of employment with Lowri Beck is subject to satisfactory clearance of

a basic criminal record check (CRC). This will provide the company with details of any unspent convictions. If an adverse result is returned then we will have to consider the effect this may have on you carrying out your new role and whether any of our supplier contracts could be negatively affected. This assessment may result in the termination of your employment.

Q: Do driving convictions, such as penalty points and driver licence endorsements count as an unspent conviction?

Yes they do and surprisingly, the rehabilitation period for driving convictions can be quite long. Please check whether or not you may have any unspent convictions as this may affect your application for employment. Please also note that rehabilitation periods can vary across England, Scotland and Wales. We do not recruit anyone who has over 3 penalty points on their drivers licence and employees already employed are allowed a maximum of 6 penalty points.


If you have any further questions, please contact our Human Resources department at the following

address: HR.Queries@lowribeck.co.uk