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Corporate Responsibility Statement

This Statement sets out our commitment to our workers, our customers and the environment in which we operate.

Our Ethics

Our day to day working relations are based on integrity, fairness and honesty.

  • We treat our customers, suppliers and workers how we’d like to be treated

  • We centre our business around the requirements of our customers and look to assist them with their business processes wherever possible

  • We strive to further improve the performance and quality of service by working closely with our customers and staff to improve the business processes

  • Where appropriate new and emerging technology is introduced and maximum benefit achieved by working closely with our staff so that everyone’s (customers, staff and the company) environment is improved

Our Workers

The success of any organisation and that of its workers depends largely on the workers themselves, and we look for them to play a part as we continue to play ours.

  • Lowri Beck’s responsibilities to its workers are undertaken seriously and proactively

  • We value our workers as individuals and do not discriminate against people: we respect diversity and acknowledge and recognise individuals background and beliefs

  • We apply employment policies that are fair, equitable and consistent with the skills and abilities of our employees and the needs of the business

  • We endeavour to provide job security for our staff within the constraints the business operates under

  • We safeguard against modern slavery

  • We pay a fair wage with the opportunity where possible to enhance earnings through incentive schemes and progression through promotion

  • Our recruitment, training and development policies promote and support the continuous development of our staff

  • Our management team goals are to create an environment for our staff to ‘go the extra mile’ of their own volition and loyalty to the company and their colleagues

  • Our salaries are reviewed where possible on an annual basis

  • We don’t force our workers to work long hours, giving them the option to opt out of the 48-hour limit only if they want to

  • We use a mixture of local workforce, experienced industry experts and university students and graduates to create a vibrant and innovative worker base

  • Our people understand what is expected of them

  • We create an environment for our workers to grow

  • We keep our workers up to date on developments across the organisation

  • Our workers also have a responsibility to themselves and to Lowri Beck:

    • We expect loyalty to Lowri Beck from managers and other workers

    • We expect staff to embrace diversity and support work colleagues irrespective of background or beliefs

    • We expect commitment to their roles and to perform to the best of their abilities​

Our Health & Safety

We have strong health and safety policies in place, always striving to provide a healthy and safe environment for our employees to work in, and for the people, we work with on a day-to-day basis.

  • We maintain OHSAS18001 certification

  • We train all of our employees about their responsibilities in relation to Health & Safety, including the consequences of poor practices

  • Health & Safety is a continual topic on all team briefs

  • We encourage our employees to actively participate in company Health & Safety forums

  • We encourage our employees to report “near miss” incidents on a no-blame basis

  • We train our front-line employees in how to handle gas metering emergencies

  • Those undertaking field inspection visits understand how to identify unsafe electrical metering installations

  • We monitor our health and safety statistics and provide advice to our employees as a result of any recurring issues

  • We provide first aid, fire prevention, fire warden and general health and safety training to our employees in each of our buildings and across our organisation

  • All of our Directors and Senior Managers demonstrate our top-down commitment to Health and Safety by carrying out workplace inspections throughout the organisation

  • Over 50 first-line supervisors/managers are trained to a minimum standard of IOSH certification in Working Safely

  • We publish a quarterly magazine providing advice based on topical news

Our Environment

Our aim is to prevent or minimise any adverse effect on the environment as a consequence of our operations, to secure and promote sustainable development and to improve our environmental performance continuously through policies which are affordable to our customers.

  • We maintain ISO14001 certification and ESOS compliance

  • We identify and assess the level of impact our Environmental aspects have and where appropriate control measures are put into place and managed through our register of Environmental Aspects and Impacts

  • We take consideration in all of our work activities to reduce the impact that our business has on the environment

  • We have committed to minimising the number of miles travelled by Lowri Beck employees

  • We optimise our field workers’ work routes to minimise mileage by automated map-based route scheduling

  • We have invested in audio conferencing facilities in our offices that we can use to speak to customers and suppliers wherever possible

  • When we need to travel we encourage the use of public transport wherever this is available and car sharing where that is more appropriate

  • We provide guidance to our employees on how to operate vehicles in a way that reduces traffic pollution, atmospheric pollution and fuel consumption

  • We develop our employees’ understanding of the environmental issues pertaining to our services through the provision of effective training

  • We ensure continuous awareness of environmental issues through appropriate signage throughout the office

  • We seek to maintain and operate our offices reducing energy usage and waste through good housekeeping, use of efficient technologies and seeking to use renewable and recyclable items wherever possible

  • We recognise the importance of consultation and partnership with other interested environmental groups within our industry. This ranges from national/local environmental groups, industry, Regulators, educational establishments and local communities. We will seek views and advice on environmental issues where appropriate

  • We seek to reduce waste in all of our operations, through the efficient use of resources

  • Where waste is produced, if possible this waste will be recycled with all residual waste being disposed of in a proper manner

  • We ensure recyclable waste is recycled in all of our offices

  • We source and design our new buildings giving thought to their environmental impact, making use of renewable energy and efficient climate control systems where possible

  • In our meter installation business, where we recover assets belonging to a third party we endeavour to return those assets to the owner for reuse or recycling

Our Working Relationships

We base our business relationships on a partnership approach, using a “can do” attitude. Trust and respect are developed by good communications: this leads to the delivery of excellent performance at realistic prices for our customers.

  • We use suppliers who mirror our ethical policies

  • We aim to use suppliers and contractors with progressive environmental practices

  • Where our Suppliers have manufacturing facilities abroad we request Corporate Social Responsibility statements to confirm the compliance of those facilities

Our Social Environment

Lowri Beck recognises the place we hold in the community and our responsibility to support it.

  • We operate our business with consideration to others

  • We recognise the importance of the local economy and where possible employ local trades to support our operations

  • We are patrons of the Wigan Youth Zone, recognising the importance of youth in our local community

  • We allow our workers to nominate charities that are important to them and causes that are important to them to drive fund-raising days and sponsored activities

Our Approach

Maintaining a quality service for our customers is integral to everything we do.

  • We check that we’re delivering our promises and act swiftly to rectify it if we’re not

  • We maintain ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301, demonstrating our commitment to quality, information security and business continuity

  • We have a program in place to check the quality of our front-line staff through vetting, screening and performance management, and act on anything we feel is unacceptable

  • We have a dedicated Customer Contact team empowered to deal with service feedback quickly and in a satisfactory manner