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Coronavirus Update

At Lowri Beck we are responsible for both our safety as well as others, and we promote our core value of ‘Be Safe’. Our employees and customers are our number one priority.

During the current crisis, we are doing everything possible to continue to deliver our services, especially to help those who are vulnerable.

We are continuing to provide a high standard of safe working across the UK, whether this is from the office, a gas or electric installation, emergency work or meter reading. So, please be assured that Lowri Beck currently remains open for business. 


Due to the nature of the work we carry out we may be required to enter our customers’ properties. If you have an appointment scheduled with Lowri Beck, you will receive a call before the visit to ensure that the work is safe to go ahead. During those calls our engineers will be required to ask additional questions before entering the property: 


  1. Due to the Coronavirus concerns can you please confirm if you or anyone else in the household has tested positive for COVID-19 or are self-isolating due to a new continuous cough / high temperature within the last 14 days?

  2. Are you or anyone in your household part of a vulnerable group that due to age or medical condition has been advised to self-isolate?


If the reply to either of the above questions is “yes” then unless the work is an emergency and you are off supply you will be informed that the appointment is unable to go ahead and that Lowri Beck or your supplier will rearrange the appointment for a future date.


If the job is an emergency and you are off supply, please be assured that Lowri Beck will undertake any necessary metering work to get you back on supply.


Where there are no risk groups present in the property, we will continue to offer our smart meter installation services and our data collection services. As an assurance that this provides no additional risks to our customers please be aware that:


  • Lowri Beck are taking the COVID-19 situation very seriously and understand the importance of supporting the UK governments aim to delay the spread of the virus.


  • All staff are required to follow UK Government advice and controls relating to: 


           1. Self-isolation in the event of symptoms being displayed 

           2. Control over UK and overseas travel 


  • All staff are well informed on hygiene controls and handwashing techniques as well as being supplied with sanitiser products. Engineers are required to clean their hands before entering any property with hand cleanser.


In order to ensure that safety of all parties we also politely ask that when the engineer enters your house that you help to maintain a minimum of 2 metres separation distance at all times.


While the engineer is within your property, customers will not be required to touch any work equipment handled by our Engineers. 


Lowri Beck have a legal duty to maintain the health, safety and welfare of employees and members of the public. We continue to offer a meter installation and maintenance service because, after assessment by our qualified in-house team and in consultation with national industry bodies, we believe that it is safe to do so.


We will continue to provide regular updates here on our website.